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Client Prep Outline

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We realize a home renovation represents a large investment on your part, and anticipating the project is exciting.  At the same time, the remodeling process is inherently disruptive and sometimes stressful. The good news is we have completed hundreds of renovations over the past twenty years, and have learned a thing or two on how to make this process as smooth and pleasant for you as possible. It all comes down to expectations and communication.  We have put together this Client Prep Outline so you know exactly what comes next. Please take a moment to read through these important details and let us know if you have any questions.  We’re excited to get started!

Client Responsibilities:

Access: Please allow us access to your property. Do you prefer to make us a copy of the key, which we will store in an on-site lock box, or would you like to give us the key code to an existing electronic door lock?

Client responsibility prepping the job site:  We will gladly move large items, such as the refrigerator and stove.  We kindly ask that you prepare the job in advance by removing small items such as wall hangings, dishes, knick-knacks, etc.  Additionally, we will need roughly an 8×12 foot staging area for our tools and materials.  This staging area ideally is located near electricity and running water.

Temporary Heating: During the cooler months, we may need to use temporary gas/electric heat.  Should this be the case, we will review with you how long it will be turned on. 

Parking: We will need to park as close as possible to the job for efficiency.  Please let us know if a designated parking area is necessary, and we will observe all municipal parking.  Additionally, we have a large tool trailer that we will need to park close to the job.  This trailer will be left at the job site, and we can move it on weekends if needed.  

Dumpster: Your job may require a dumpster, and if so, will need a designated parking area.  The cost of construction refuse has already been accounted for in your contract price.  However, the cost of personal items is not included.  Please speak with us if you have additional items you would like to get rid of.  

Toilet: Please let us know if our employees/subcontractors have permission to use your facilities.  If for any reason you would prefer we use a portable toilet, we can arrange for one on the job at an additional cost.  (Or if you prefer, you can order one independently.)

Pets: Remodeling can be a trying experience on your pet.  Many new faces will be coming and going.  For your pet’s safety and ours, please do not allow your pet in the work area during the day.  We will try to accommodate your pet(s) as best as possible.  Please give us any special instructions if necessary. 

Yard Signs: We would like your permission to set one of our signs in your yard.  Yes, the sign helps our company generate business, but more importantly to you, it gives your neighbors our phone number in case they have any concerns regarding the construction.  The sign also serves as a marker for material deliveries and trade contractors.

Payment of Invoices: Invoices will be submitted to you incrementally.  1/3rd will be due upon signing the contract.  1/3rd will be due before we begin the job, and final payment is due upon completion of the work.  These payments are crucial to order materials, line up subcontractors and keep your job on schedule.  Prompt payment is appreciated and necessary to avoid any disruption of work.

Changes: Changes in the work order are costly and can disrupt the schedule and flow of your project.  We must have an authorized signature and and payment before proceeding.  To avoid any misunderstandings, deviations from the contract must be addressed immediately.  Client initiated changes will be limited to a 10% combined total of the original contract amount.  This is in an effort to keep your project on schedule and completed in a timely manner.  Changes in excess of a 10% combined total will be processed and scheduled as a new and separate job. 

Emotions: As your project progresses, you will experience many emotions.  We understand this and will do our best to help you through any “low” moments.  As the chart below illustrates, this is normal and you will not be alone 🙂

General Information:


Client Communication:  We have become well-known for our excellent communication and feel that transparency between contractor and homeowner is the key to a seamless process.  Our client communication software keeps you updated with daily logs, scheduling and photos of your home project.  We appreciate hearing your feedback along the way.

Hours of Work: 7:30a.m. – 4 p.m.  Monday through Friday.  Occasionally we may need to start earlier or stay later.  Saturdays may also be worked during crucial phases of construction.  We will let you know if this becomes necessary.

Emergencies: In the event of an emergency during off hours, please call us.  

Gary: 603-254-3320

Erika: 603-254-3321

With that being said, please respect our employee’s free time and use these numbers only for emergencies that cannot wait for normal business hours.  (Ie: no electricity or hot water.)

Trade Contractors:  Our employees and subcontractors are an important part of the process.  Please reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding our trade contractors on your job.

Conduct: We respect your property and treat your home like our own.  All of our workers have been asked to treat your home accordingly and respect the neighborhood.  This means our vehicles cannot block others, keep music at a low volume, and clean up after themselves.  If any subcontractors smoke, it is forbidden to smoke inside, and to properly dispose of cigarettes outside.

Moonlighting: We have a great relationship with our employees and subcontractors, and they understand that moonlighting is not allowed.  If you have any work outside of the current renovation, we ask that you come to us directly.  Our employees/subcontractors have been asked to politely decline requests for work outside of the current contract.

Clean-up: We will leave all construction areas in a “broom clean” condition at the end of each day.

Dust: Please understand that just about everything we do will generate dust.  Every effort will be made to contain the dust, however, 100% containment is impossible.  Dust can get just about everywhere.  We will cover anything and everything that you direct us to.  We will also clean your furnace filters if you have an HVAC system.  

Post Construction Clean Up: Our professional, affiliated cleaning company will clean your home once we have completed the work.  They will wipe surfaces, clean any remaining dust and vacuum your home.  

Post-Construction:  During your job, exemplary construction practices and techniques will be followed.  These practices are based on all existing conditions being standard.  However, not all conditions at your home are controllable.  Rest assured, all items that are correctable will be completed under our Warranty program.  However:

  1. Your existing soil, lumber and other materials are of varying strengths and moisture content.  This may allow for your renovation to move and react differently than your existing house.  These conditions can manifest themselves as cracks.  Your renovation may settle and cracks may appear.
  2. The moisture content in your home can vary from a humidity level of 10% to 100%.  This swing in moisture means that all of the framing lumber, trim and hardwood floors will expand and contract.  Drywall nails/screws may bulge out and new trim may separate – up to ⅛” in some cases.
  3. The concrete installed on your job is likely to crack, chip and/or split.  Salt placed by you or brought in on your car will also cause the concrete to pit or scale.  Concrete takes a minimum of 28 days to cure.

Post-construction Warranty: We offer a 5-year labor and systems warranty and you also benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on materials. In the event that something happens that is within our control and included in the warranty and contract, we come in and get it fixed for you free-of-charge.

Reviews: Your opinion is important to us!  If there is anything we can do to improve our service, please reach out.  Once you’ve had some time to settle into your home renovation, it would mean so much to us if you would take a moment to leave us a review.  We have built our business primarily on word-of-mouth and referrals, and your testimonial mean a lot to our small family business.

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