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Kitchen Renovation

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If so, you’ve come to the right place. Are you dreaming of a more open layout? Adding an island with a dry bar and more storage for your smaller appliances? Or maybe a refresh by painting your cabinets and countertop? Regardless of your vision, Sakin Home has completed countless kitchen renovations throughout Meredith, Holderness, Waterville Valley and Lincoln, NH. Click here to view our Gallery or Testimonials from past clients. We realize the process of a kitchen renovation can be daunting, so we have put together these steps to familiarize you with our process. We hope these are helpful to you 🙂

Get Inspired: The Planning/Design Phase

You have probably already started to envision your dream kitchen, so let’s help make that dream a reality. First, you want to think about the function, then the aesthetic. How do you use the kitchen? Do you cook for and entertain a lot of people? Do you want a wet bar or an island?  Or space for kids to do their homework? A nook to relax with a cup of coffee? As you dream, start to make a list of your must-haves versus your wants.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the pain points of your current kitchen?
  • Do you need more storage?
  • Do you want more space for entertaining?
  • What do you need less of?
  • Will you need to change the layout?
  • What needs to be updated?

Once you have a clear idea of what you need in your kitchen, it’s time to start thinking about the aesthetic. From farmhouse to contemporary, you can find so many design inspirations online. Create a Pinterest board, or simply copy of paste photos of beautiful kitchens. Having these visuals will help limit design fatigue when it’s time to pick out cabinetry, countertops, paint, etc.

Let’s Talk About Your Budget

How much will your kitchen renovation cost? That depends on the scope of the renovation and your selections. Generally speaking, a classic kitchen renovation that works within your current footprint will run about $35,000 – $50,000, depending on material choices. The $35,000 kitchen might include new entry-level cabinets, a sink replacement, installation of a tile backsplash, a new countertop, and a fresh coat of paint.

The $50,000 kitchen remodel will also likely include new flooring, higher-end countertops/appliances and custom LED lighting. Customers who need the layout changed or are looking for more upscale countertops and appliances should expect the cost of the remodel to start at $50,000. This customer might want the whole kitchen gutted, or choose custom cabinetry with built-in shelves, stone countertops and top-of-the-line appliances. This customer may also want a water filtration system under-mount sink.

Once you have thought about your kitchen renovation needs vs. wants, let’s set up a time to talk about your budget. Complete this form link (including pictures of the current space) and we’ll set up a time to talk about your vision. With a clear list of your priorities and wants, we can give you a pretty good idea of the basic costs for the necessities, then the additional costs of your wants. We pride ourselves on transparency, and because of our experience, we are able to give you realistic prices.

Remodel Timeline

Each kitchen remodel time-frame is based on the extent of the remodel, and we pride ourselves on being able to give you a realistic expectation of how long your kitchen renovation will take. We’re not just talking about the scope of work, but your material selections. With our industry knowledge, we can let you know if a specific material is currently delayed, and if so, we can proactively suggest another idea or material to prevent that delay. Generally speaking, a kitchen renovation takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the scope of work.

There are a lot of moving parts in a kitchen renovation, and working with an experienced contractor is crucial to preventing significant delays. As an expert kitchen contractor in Central New Hampshire, we have fine-tuned the timeline to order materials, schedule demo and installation in order to minimize the length of time you are without a functioning kitchen.

Speaking of, now is a good time to think about how you are going to live without your kitchen during construction. You can set up a temporary kitchen in another part of the house with a folding table and small appliances. It’s also a great excuse to enjoy some of your favorite restaurants in Meredith, Lincoln and Waterville Valley.

At Sakin Home, we primarily work on vacation homes in Central NH, so our work is not that obtrusive to clients. If this is your primary residence, consider the possibility of staying elsewhere during the renovation. Being that the kitchen is essential to your daily life, living amongst construction can be stressful. Depending on the extent of the work, it can also be dangerous. At the bare minimum, you don’t want to breathe in the dirt and dust that can be in the air, even with sealed off dust control.

As a side note, while you are contemplating disrupting your home for several weeks, consider simultaneously updating a bathroom or other room that you have been thinking about. It’s likely we can complete this work at the same time, without lengthening the entire project. You would only have to endure the upheaval once, and then you can enjoy your beautiful home renovation.

Written Scope of Work and Contract

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the process. We know how important transparency is, and we want to make sure everyone is one the same page. We’ll provide you with a written Scope of Work and once approved, provide you with a contract. The contract includes details such as the payment schedule, how we handle mistakes/unforeseen circumstances and our warranty.

Click here to see a list of important questions to ask before hiring a contractor. We feel the best client relationships are built on trust through these conversations.

Make Your Selections

When designing your kitchen, you will choose everything you want for the finished product. You will pick items like the kitchen cabinets, the cabinet hardware, the fixtures, the layout, the style, the paint colors, the counters, etc. Don’t worry, we will walk you through the order of your selections to stay within the timeline of your kitchen remodel.

Preparation for Construction

When you hire Sakin Home contractors for your kitchen remodel, all you need to do in preparation of construction is to pack up your personal belongings in the cabinets/fridge, and on the walls and countertops. You may also want to set up a temporary kitchen space with your smaller appliances. This could be as simple as a folding table with your microwave, coffee pot and toaster, just to get you through. Our contractors will take care of the rest.

We’ll move furniture in the space and cover it with plastic, we’ll put down drop cloths and seal off sections of the house for dust control. We run a clean, professional work space, and will keep the mess as minimal as possible on a construction site.

Construction Phase

This is where we work our magic. Similar to a maestro conducting an orchestra, our experience has taught us the perfect flow to orchestrate your kitchen renovation. From demo to rough-in, walls, ceiling and flooring, then cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and finally appliances, plumbing and fixtures.

We have learned how to proactively prevent delays, the calculated timing of contractors and work-arounds if something unexpected does come up. Being that most of our renovation work is on vacation homes, our clients love our software where they can view daily photos and logs.

Warranty for your Kitchen

Our goal is to make this such a positive experience for you, that you’ll be happy to leave us a review or recommend us to a friend. After all, that’s how our whole business was built. So our commitment to you doesn’t stop after the job is complete. We’re going to check in and make sure you are pleased with our work. We also offer a 5 year warranty on systems and labor, along with manufacturers’ warranty.

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