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Looking for a deck replacement contractor or to build a new deck on your home?  Our deck contractors at Sakin Home have been building decks throughout Meredith, Holderness, Waterville Valley and Lincoln, NH for over twenty years.  Whie traditional wood decks are still a great option, read on to find out why more and more homeowners are choosing Composite Decking for their deck replacement needs in New Hampshire.

  1. Composite Decks are DURABLE. Durability is one of the most popular features, and for good reason…the material doesn’t fade or stain easily and it resists scratching and mold.  It’s strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and the weight of deck furniture.  The composite is constructed out of multiple materials for resistance to wear and tear over the years.  That means you don’t have to worry about it rotting, warping, cracking, or degrading due to insects.

  1. Composite Decks are EASY TO MAINTAIN. Traditional wood decks need to be power-washed and stained over the years.  Since composite decking is made of plastic, it won’t break down and rot over time.  It requires very little upkeep!   The boards never need sanding, staining, or sealing to maintain their gorgeous color -you’ll most likely just need to hose it down occasionally.  Plus, it’s waterproof!

  1. Composite Decks are SPLINTER-FREE. The material is made of small wood fibers encased in plastic, so the boards won’t splinter.  It’s easy and safe on bare feet, which is especially a relief if you have children or pets.

  1. Composite Decks are SUSTAINABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Made from primarily recycled or scrap materials, composite decks are significantly better for the environment compared to wood decking, which obviously requires felling trees for lumber.

  1. Composite Decks are AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. Composite decking features high-definition wood grain patterns, offering a wide range from cathedral to straight patterns, as well as any number of finishes. The variety of grain patterns and color options capture all the nuanced beauty of traditional wood, but without the wear and tear.  It looks more natural than ever before.  Also, traditional wood decks require touch ups or fresh coats of paint over time, whereas composite decking will retain its hue.


If you are in the planning phase of your deck build/renovation, please click here for important ideas to consider with “Deck Design Questions I Wish I had Thought of Sooner.”

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