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Get Ready to Celebrate!

25 Years! Beginning at at the north end of Elm St, in Manchester, NH.   We have invited the Pipe Bands, High School Bands, and many other performers that you are used to seeing in our very festive Parades!

We will kick off the Parade at 12 noon from behind the Brady Sullivan Tower on north Elm Street and continue down the one mile route finishing at Victory Park on Merrimack Street.

Our downtown sponsors include: Café La ReineThe Wild RoverThe Strange BrewThe Shaskeen, and Murphy’s Taproom.

Why isn’t the parade on St. Patrick’s Day?

Many people wonder why the parade is not held on the actual day that others celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The answer is quite simple. It is very hard to compete with the likes of Boston and New York when it comes to attracting quality bands, marching units and floats on the actual day. Besides…St. Patrick’s Day is a period of time, not a day, so why not streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch it out a little!!

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