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Every Saturday, join us for a wine tasting experience like no other in New England in our newly renovated Loft! Bob Manley, Co-Founder at Hermit Woods Winery, will share with you his wealth of knowledge and experience in the crafting of Hermit Woods wines and wine appreciation. There is a story in every bottle, and Bob will share those stories with you along with the many adventures the Hermit Woods team has experienced bringing their winery to life over the past ten years. Bob and his partners have traveled the world in their ever-growing quest to understand wine and the craft of producing it. Bob will bring this experience to light during the 60 minute long presentation.

Included in the presentation will be the opportunity to sample seven of Hermit Woods’ finest wines, a slide show of imagery, and video depicting the winemaking process from fruit to bottle.

Guests will each be seated at their own table, and our team will share each of the seven wines with you as the tasting progresses. In addition, all participants will be offered 10% off any bottled wine purchases made that day.

We hope you can join us for this unique, educational, and entertaining experience.

Please arrive 15 minutes before Noon to get seated.


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